An Introduction, of sorts


Welcome to this new blog (probably along with countless other new blogs for 2019), called 1959 Vintage House.


Why this title? 

Summer of 2018, my husband and I purchased our 4th home together, a house built in 1959. We are the second owners and the house has largely been untouched since it was built 60 years ago.


(Tangent: our house turns 60 this year! Any ideas on how to celebrate??)


The house is a mix of Mid-Century Modern elements, the typical vintage-granny elements, and a good dose of old, but trendy for the 50’s/60’s. The name, 1959 Vintage House, seemed to encompass all these things.


Who lives in this house?

Me, Kaley, along with my husband, Duane, and our three little kiddos. An 8-year-old boy, 6-year-old girl, and a 3-year-old boy.


I should mention that we are located in a suburb of Wichita, Kansas and last summer we moved from a typical suburban house around 2600 square feet to this little one of less than 1500 square feet. It’s been a good transition and I can say we’re feeling pretty proud of our ability to downsize and make this work.


What is this blog about?

Currently, nothing. This is the first post. Maybe decorating. Maybe a little bit of life stuff. Maybe traveling. Maybe goals and challenges and the road to completing them (we’re big goal-setters around here). Maybe cooking – we both love to cook and bake – and maybe home-keeping. We’ll see.

Why should you read this blog?

Morbid curiosity? I love to tell stories. I’m probably going to tell lots of stories on this blog. I ALWAYS want to read stories because I’m nosy and curious and want to know everything about everyone. Don’t you?

Also, I should mention, the number one correction on my AP English papers in high school was using the word “you” in my essays. It drove all four teachers nuts and they kept asking who was I talking to? Um, isn’t it obvious?? The person correcting this paper??? Just trying to make it personal to them. So, my blog, my rules, my overuse of the word “you”.

I just hope there’s a “you” reading.